Branding Strategy in Events: A Guide to Making Your Mark

Having a solid branding strategy is crucial in the field of marketing. This tactic is even more important for occasions like parties and get-togethers. We’ll discuss how to use easily understood language to make your business stand out in various event settings, like as shopping centres or even on the side of trucks.

1. Corporate Activation:

Companies host events like this to promote their brands and build relationships with the public. This could be a large meeting or the introduction of a new product. Keeping the brand and its values in the minds of consumers is the aim.

corporate activation
corporate activation

2. Society Activation:

At this point, brands participate in charitable endeavours or community events. You may plan a clean-up day or support a charitable event. It demonstrates that the company’s priorities extend beyond financial success.

society activation branding strategy

3. Mall Activation:

In order to capture people’s curiosity, brands may sometimes set up unique displays in malls. It might be a cool exhibition or an entertaining game. The intention is to excite consumers about the brand and possibly encourage them to make a purchase.

mall activation

4. Pole Branding:

This is the process by which companies attach their tags and branding on street lamps or street poles. It’s an easy approach to get a lot of people to drive by or travel by the business.

pole branding
pole branding

5. Auto Branding:

Here is where companies decorate their branding onto cars or trucks. People regard them as moving advertisements when they’re out and about.

auto branding strategy

6. Canter Branding:

Think of this as auto branding on a larger scale. As the trucks go by, it’s an opportunity for brands to reach a wider audience with their message.

canter branding strategy

7. Retail Activation:

This is the time when companies host events in-store to generate buzz about their merchandise. It might be an entertaining occasion or an eye-catching exhibit that encourages purchases.

retail activation
retail activation

8. Newspaper Advertising:

This is the process by which companies advertise their goods or events in newspapers. It’s an easy method to connect with a large number of readers of the paper.

newspaper branding strategy
newspaper branding strategy

9. Manpower:

This group of individuals organizes and carries out events. They are in charge of organizing everything and making sure everything runs well. At a mall activation, they can be in charge of running games or giving out samples.


Ultimately, a strong branding plan may make a company truly stand out at events. Using straightforward language and original concepts may significantly impact how people view a brand, whether it’s a large corporate event or a straightforward mall activation.

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